Buyer’s Agreement


SOL accepts no liability for financial losses to the buyer incurred by cost of insurance, insurance excess or rejection of claim for any loss, damage or theft of sold items.

SOL accepts no liability for costs to the buyer incurred by storage, cleaning or conservation or restoration of an item.

Buyers who purchase items as investable or tradable goods in the expectation of subsequent value appreciation do so at their own risk.

Buyers accept that SOL is not liable for losses incurred following any subsequent resale, pawning, valuation or auction.

All items for sale belong to SOL, and do not act as an agent, sponsor, authorised buyer or authorised trader of any brand or intellectual property featured.

The buyer is aware that SOL expertise is not valuation or selling antiques, and cannot be held to claims of an item’s age or potential value in the future, or at any point in its availability in any market, era or territory.

SOL will never knowingly buy or sell items that are stolen or counterfeit.

SOL will never knowingly buy or sell items manufactured, processed or delivered using slave labour.

Product condition

SOL resells preowned items, but reserves the right to describe an item as being in ‘like new’ or unused condition. 

Each item sold has been checked for damage prior to being packaged and delivered.

While every effort has been made to honestly represent the condition of an item. It is the buyers responsibility to check item descriptions and product photography for damage before the sale. 

Please see product descriptions and view product images.

The buyer has the right to ask for additional images and approximate measurements.

The buyer has the opportunity to inspect an item on delivery or collection.

Damaged Items

Any claim for a refund, discount or return due to damage may be rejected if it was advertised in the original product description and / or product images. 

Damage is defined as breakage, chips, denting, splintering, flaking, shattering.

Damage not covered:

Stains, dust, light wearing to glazing on contact areas, patination, flaws to craftsmanship applied in an item’s execution.

Colours staining, lightening or darkening due to exposure to sunlight or contact with liquids, oils, heat or cold.

Warping, twisting or splitting due to exposure to sunlight or contact with liquids, oils, heat or cold.

Wearing and fading to surface caused by buyer hand washing, dishwashing, polishing, cleaning, restoration or conservation whether done professionally or not. 

Damage caused by attempts to mount items for display or attach fixings that were not attached originally.